Three Niñas - Corazon Maya

Three Niñas - Corazon Maya
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Sunday, February 7, 2010

How to Read this Blog / About Me

Note (Feb7, 2010): I am presently updating this blog, with additional entries for the other schools at which I have studied during May 2009, and Dec 2009- Feb 2010. I hope to have the updates done by the end of Feb 2010. In the meantime, if you have questions, feel free to email me at


How to read this blog
Like most blogs, the most recent entry is shown first. So it can be a little confusing. To start at the beginning, click the horizontal black arrow next to the lowest month listed in the left pane
(November 2008), to display that month's blog entries. Then select the bottom entry- "The blogging begins - Nov2008".

If you wish to read only about the three schools at which I studied, first click on the blog chapter near the top, ("Comparison...").
(Chapter under revision). For comments on and photos of each school, see  the individual chapters with the titles of each school.

To enlarge a photo, double click it. Some are larger than others. After a while I started shrinking the photos because they took so long to upload to Blogger. The downside is that one cant blow up these photos as much.

About Me
I am a 60 year old electrical engineer (born 1950), who did not study Spanish at school. I was raised in South Africa, and have lived since 1980 in Seattle WA. My wife and I have been married since 1988, and we have a daughter who has just started college. I decided to learn Spanish in 2007, after joining a Habitat for Humanity trip to Honduras. Durante ese viaje, me di cuenta que es necesario hablar español si yo desearía aprender la cultura y las costumbres y conocer a la gente en Centroamérica, y quizás haga trabajo voluntario en el futuro. (During this trip, I realized that it is necessary to speak Spanish if I would like to learn the culture and customs, and meet the people of Central America, and perhaps do voluntary work in the future).

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